About me…


Photography is one of my hobbies

On this website you can see some of my photos.

I sell my photos on: Adobe Stock and Etsy.

Canon R

At the moment I use my CanonR camera for most of my photography.

But I also use my Olympus Mark II.


Hi, my name is Margreet and I like to learn more and more about photography. From dolls, nature and still life to living people. I love picturing things in my own fashion and try to get a different angle on the objects I see.

Do you have an interesting photoproject don t hesitiate to contact me.

Upcycled bags

I also make bags. One of the reasons I learned about photography was I wanted to know how to present my bags the best way. The website for my bags is Upcycled.nl

handmade bag upcycled
Upcycled handmade bag